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Quality Control

Avyaan Vinyls LLP

Quality Control

At Avyaan Vinyls, inspection is essential for maintaining the outstanding workmanship of our products. We fully believe the success of a company is directly related to the standard of its processes, and our demanding inspection regime is an expression of our continuous commitment to excellence.

Incoming Inspection

During the inbound inspection process, our trained employees thoroughly inspect each element of production and test it. We can make sure that only suitable components, fulfilling our internal and client-specific specifications, are used in our factory production lines because of this demanding investigation. We keep a strict eye on the quality of the chemicals, resins, plasticizers, colors, textiles, and packing materials. We verify supplier reports and take the necessary remedial action when necessary whenever there are unacceptable goods. We are able to maintain the highest levels of quality and performance because of our well-equipped laboratory, which includes modern equipment like bomb energy meters, Brookfield viscometers, bar coaters, and tensile strength testers.

Online Inspection

Our electronic inspection procedure includes the assessment and authorization of each production run's initial component with the goal of preserving uniformity and adherence to requirements. In order to be sure that the raw materials and production processes correspond to our internal requirements and those of our clients, we carefully analyze color, feel, weight, thickness, finish, and other essential characteristics. To accurately monitor and manage the production process, our skilled professionals make use of a variety of modern equipment, comprising spectrophotometers, thickness gauges, crock meters, and tensile testers.

Final Inspection

Our quality assurance procedure' final inspection phase is a crucial step. The physical characteristics and external appearance of the items are thoroughly examined and confirmed by trained inspectors to ensure compliance with customer requirements. Each jumbo roll is carefully examined, and using our high-tech inspection machinery, 100% of the material is evaluated for appearance. The material is not authorized for shipping to our esteemed customers unless it meets the requirements for both visual and physical examinations. Our comprehensive final inspection laboratory has been equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art tools, such as UV testers, fog testers, flex testers, flame resistance testers, and environmental chambers, to make sure that our products satisfy the highest requirements of quality, sturdiness, and performance.

In Process Inspection

We focus considerable emphasis on currently being processed inspection and control, which entails establishing, confirming, as well as maintaining track of established process parameters for different kinds of products. We keep strict control over the production process by periodic inspections of thickness, width, and weight as well as the application of methods for quality assurance including error-proofing systems, automatic temperature controls, and warning light systems. Our coating heads include cutting-edge control systems that enable correct weight, thickness, speed, and width adjustments, ensuring the best potential product performance and consistency.

At Avyaan Vinyls, our robust inspection process is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering products of unparalleled quality. We leverage state-of-the-art equipment, adhere to strict control measures, and employ highly skilled professionals to ensure that every product leaving our facility meets or exceeds customer expectations. We take immense pride in our inspection regime, which allows us to consistently deliver products that exhibit exceptional physical parameters and visual appearance.

Avyaan Vinyls - Where Quality is Our Promise, and Inspection is Our Commitment.