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Avyaan Vinyls LLP

Our Products

“Avyaan Vinyls” stands as a distinguished provider of superior Poly Vinyl Chloride solutions tailored for the automotive industry. Beyond enhancing the allure of seat upholstery, synthetic leather finds multifaceted applications throughout the vehicle, encompassing door trims, steering wheel covers, gear boot and knob covers, roof lining, sun visors, and hoods.

PVC Leather Cloth

Our premium PVC leather cloth features a multi-layer construction and a poreless surface, giving it exceptional tensile strength and dependability.

PVC Sheeting

Our top-notch PVC Sheeting has outstanding adaptability, finding use in a variety of goods. ideal for stationery's embossed transparent sheets

PVC Film

In a wide range of items, such as raincoats, shower curtains, urine bags, tablecloths, and blood bottles, our adaptable PVC Film finds broad use.

PVC Laminated Leather Cloth

Our legendary PVC Laminated Leather Cloth is made up of expertly produced multi-layered laminate sheets

Car Mats Material

We take pride in being a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium car mat materials made from high-quality Rexine.

Our ambition at Avyaan Vinyls  is to establish ourselves as an important international player in the PVC leather cloth market, recognized for our exceptional quality, creative solutions, and client-focused philosophy. We aim to provide goods that go above and beyond the expectations of consumers, fostering profitability and growth while keeping a sharp emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability. By utilizing the latest innovations in technology, research, and development, our mission is to continuously push beyond the boundaries of what is practicable and revolutionize the industry.

Avyaan Vinyls - Where pride meets responsibility, delivering unrivaled quality and innovation.