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About Us

About Us

Avyaan Vinyls LLP

Avyaan Vinyls is a thriving manufacturer of PVC leather cloth. Our firm, which began operations in 2018, serves as an outstanding symbol of excellence and creativity, meeting an extensive variety of requirements in major industries including the automotive and footwear sectors, OEMs, and local, institutional, and international markets. We are pleased to present ourselves as an emerging company that specializes in the creation and worldwide transportation of an extensive selection of ground-breaking PVC products.

Unparalleled Expertise

At Avyaan Vinyls, we take immense pride in our unmatched knowledge in manufacturing PVC leather Cloths. Our team of specialists assures the manufacturing of high-quality products. thanks to their years of specialization and industry knowledge. We maintain abreast with the latest recent developments in the business and implement cutting-edge methods to present excellent PVC leather cloth products

About Company

Company Partners

The partners of Avyaan Vinyls LLP’s vision and commitment are what made it possible for their amazing success and continuing growth. Let’s explain the motivations behind the business:

Ms. Risha Jindal

MBA - Marketing and Finance

Involved in the business since its inception. She has widespread knowledge of PVC leather cloth. Ms. Jindal has a vision to touch every aspect of industrial reach.

Mrs. Srishti Agarwal

BBA - Marketing and Finance and Fashion Designer

Involved in the business since 2021. Her excellent entrepreneurial skills have led Avyaan to climb new heights year after year. Oversaw executive leadership, company training, and public relations with media.


Company Employees

The collective efforts of the partners and employees of Avyaan Vinyls form a dynamic and synergistic team. United by a passion for excellence and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional products and services, they propel the company forward, ensuring its continued success and growth in the industry.


Our Vision

Our ambition at Avyaan Vinyls is to establish ourselves as an important international player in the PVC leather cloth market, recognized for our exceptional quality, creative solutions, and client-focused philosophy. We aim to provide goods that go above and beyond the expectations of consumers anticipate, fostering profitability and growth while keeping a sharp emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability. By utilizing the latest innovations in technology, research, and development, our mission is to continuously push beyond the boundaries of what is practicable and revolutionize the industry.


Our Values

Quality Excellence

We have committed ourselves to supplying clients with the best merchandise that is guaranteed to correspond to or exceed industry standards. Every product that leaves our manufacturing facility displays our never-ending dedication to excellence and dependability thanks to our relentless pursuit of perfectionism.

Employee Empowerment

Our most significant resource is the staff we have. We provide a warm, hospitable workplace that values talent, promotes individual and professional growth, and values partnership and innovation. We have a commitment to promoting equality of opportunity and valuing diversity.

Customer Focus

Each and everything we do is centered on our consumers. We work hard to comprehend their particular demands and offer them specialized solutions that are beneficial to their companies. We encourage connections that last based on openness, honesty, and exceptional assistance for clients.


We are a company with a strong commitment to environmentally friendly production techniques and the preservation of the environment. We put a high priority on using environmentally conscious products and procedures that reduce our impact on the environment. The goal of our company is to encourage the preservation of the environment while maintaining the highest possible standards of product performance.


We appreciate creativity and are always looking for strategies to enhance our technology, business practices, and commodities. We endeavor to maintain a position at the forefront of marketplace developments by continuous study and development, anticipating market expectations, and offering cutting-edge solutions.

Integrity and Ethics

We operate with the maximum integrity and the highest moral principles. Our interactions with customers, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders are controlled by truthfulness, transparency, and equal treatment. We consider it important to encourage a culture of responsibility, respect, and trust.


Our Strengths

These strengths collectively contribute to our competitive edge in the industry and position us as a trusted and preferred partner for customers seeking superior PVC products.

Exemplary Reputation in the Market

Our most significant resource is the staff we have. We provide a friendly, welcoming workplace that values talent, encourages individual and professional development, and stands for partnership and creative thinking. We are dedicated to promoting equality of opportunity and embracing diversity.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

We have established together a successful system for supply chain management aimed at making sure that raw materials are procured smoothly and on time, that production procedures are optimized, and that finished products are delivered to clients on schedule. This makes it possible for us to sustain an ongoing supply and successfully satisfy consumer requests..

Unique and Segmented Laboratory

We can carefully examine and analyze our PVC goods thanks to the modern technology and equipment at our state-of-the-art laboratory. We are able to make sure that our products and services match client demands and the highest standards of quality according to this segmented laboratory.

100% Customer Response

We put the needs of our customers first and take pride in responding to their inquiries, issues, and complaints quickly and professionally. Each consumer receives the attention to detail and help that they need from our devoted customer care team, establishing mutually beneficial relationships and loyalty to the company.

Experienced Team

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals with More than 25 years of business experience. Their extensive knowledge in the PVC sector, in addition to their commitment and enthusiasm, has a positive impact on our achievement and the high caliber of our goods.

Wide Variety of Colors

Our PVC products come in a wide range of sparkling colors, which allows consumers to select the shade that best meets their needs and preferences. In order to improve the visual appeal of our products, we also specialize in custom printing on PVC leather material, providing personalized patterns and branding alternatives.

Finest Resources

To support our production processes, we have made the best investments possible, including advanced machinery, technology, and infrastructure. This enables us to uphold the highest standards for quality, maximize efficiency in manufacturing, and provide goods that surpass the expectations of customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We focus a lot of focus on fulfilling the demands of our customers via timely delivery of our items. We work to satisfy customers by quickly addressing their needs by upholding effective production schedules, stringent quality control procedures, and effective logistics management.